Kyle Marion Kyle Laughing with his Coffee

Kyle Marion

Supply Chain Manager

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Dog Person
Cats are the worst
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Night Person
Night owl, but I regret it in the morning.
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Coffee Person
Coffee. Every day.

About Kyle Marion:

Job Title: 
Supply Chain Manager

Franklin, TN

What did you study in college? Where? 
Music Business at Trevecca Nazarene University

Size of your family? 
1 wife, 1 daughter & 1 dog

Dogs or Cats? 
Dogs all day

Who is your favorite artist/ band and how many times have you seen them in concert? 
John Mayer, three times

Top 3 favorite albums of all time?
 John Mayer: Continuum, Mae: The Everglow, Kacey Musgraves: Golden Hour

Favorite sitcom? 

Favorite Sports Team: 
Ohio State Buckeyes

Introvert or Extrovert? 
Extroverted Introvert

How many states have you been to? 
22 and counting

Favorite road trip you’ve taken? 
North Shore O’ahu to Honolulu in a jeep with the top off

Coffee or Tea? 
Coffee. Every day.

Morning Person or Night Owl? 
Night owl, but I regret it in the morning.

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