Christians have a lot to sing about—even beyond worship radio.

It sometimes seems that musicians who want their faith to be part of their musical identities have one option: become Christian-music artists. But Residence Music holds a unique philosophy— one that values artists for both who they want to be and the music they want to craft.

“We give artists, specifically artists-of-faith, an opportunity to make the music they feel compelled to make. That doesn’t necessarily have to fit into a box or a format,” says Andrew Lambeth, Director of Artist Development.

The development of Residence began around 2014, when Centricity observed a Christian-music audience that sought music from other genres, along with musicians who felt called to create it. Seeking to encourage artists’ creative, professional, and personal growth, Residence gives an individualistic approach to their goals and needs. This starts with helping musicians develop their sound—from songwriting, to recording, to performing— but the Residence team takes it a step further.

“We help them hone in on the best version of themselves and the story they’re trying to present to the world,” Lambeth says.

Because just like this label, those stories prove to be unique, ready to reach the world in new ways.