Posted On: 06.07.2021

“…we heard his song ‘Brand New’ and we were floored. Jaws dropped and we about jumped out of our chairs… This guy is going places” –  Melissa Montana, STAR 88.3

“Name another artist or song that sounds anything like ‘Brand New’ in CCM world?” – Corey Mann, WHPZ The Pulse

“He’s not only a talented musician with a fresh sound, but he’s also living out what trusting God looks like…” – Amanda Hildabrand, WCSG

Chart-topping singer, songwriter and guitarist Coby James releases his first-ever AC radio single, “Brand New,” today (June 4) from Centricity Music. Available now at digital retail and streaming outlets everywhere, the song goes for radio adds July 14 and is already being heralded by radio programmers across the country.

As an accomplished, TigerBeat-featured 19-year-old musician, the Nashville transplant and North Carolina native’s rare talent has already notched a No. 1 song on Billboard’s Christian Hot AC/CHR chart as a contributing writer on Courtnie Ramirez’s track, “Who We Are.” Writing “Brand New” with Paul Duncan and Christian Hale, with whom he also co-wrote his Top 5 hit “Born Ready,” James shares a brash statement of belief in the song alongside his smooth falsetto that slides effortlessly over a sonic landscape with bright horns, celebratory gang vocals and an unmistakable R&B groove.

“As believers, we talk about salvation, we talk about how there’s such a big change when you become a Christian, coming from death to life. It’s an amazing thing, and there are a lot of songs about that, but we forget that every single day is a new beginning and God’s mercies are new each day,” James says of the message behind the song. “We have a new chance every single day to live for Christ.”

Personally, not only has James experienced rebirth spiritually, but he’s been made new physically, as well. Having spent so much time as a kid sick and unable to play sports or do what his friends had the stamina to do, music now feels like a gift.

“I feel as if God’s given me a second chance at life. I feel like He’s made me brand new and made me the person I am so that I can write songs that come from my heart,” James shares. “I hope ‘Brand New’ lets people see that I’m carefree, excited for the future and living every single day in a joyful spirit. I feel like that’s what I’m called to do—to just bring joy into people’s lives.”

With his music resonating widely with fans and radio programmers alike, Corey Mann, WHPZ The Pulse (South Bend, IN), says, “At 19, Coby James is laying amazing groundwork for becoming an artist with catchy songs. Name another artist or song that sounds anything like ‘Brand New’ in CCM world? When I hear this song, I think of a mom and kids on their way to baseball practice and it’s one of those times when everyone agrees on the song. I’m going to let Coby bring the family together.”

“What in the world just happened?! That’s what I and my team thought when we heard Coby James’ song ‘Brand New,’” shares Melissa Montana, STAR 88.3. “Here’s this outgoing, bubbly young man that can play the guitar like nobody’s business. Then we heard his song ‘Brand New’ and we were floored. Jaws dropped and we about jumped out of our chairs. This is fresh. This is new. This guy is going places. It’s the song you want to start each day with. Smooth, upbeat and a message of hope. We need this!”

“As an industry, we’re always asking the question, ‘How do we get younger people to want to engage with our stations?’ Coby James helps us with that answer,” says Amanda Hildabrand, WCSG (Grand Rapids, MI). “He’s not only a talented musician with a fresh sound, but he’s also living out what trusting God looks like as he starts his career in a new city at the age of 19. I’m excited to introduce him to our audience as an artist who will appeal not just to a younger crowd, but to those of us who are trying to hold on to our youth.”

Along with the new single, James has recently released Mixtape Vol. 1: Side A, a four-song set of pop jams. The first of a trio of mixtapes to come this year, the additional EPs will shine a spotlight on James’ acoustic sensibilities, rooted in his masterful guitar skills; as well as his more artsy, experimental side—the side that isn’t afraid to tinker in the studio.

Taking his new music and hit songs on the road, James is currently touring with Danny Gokey on the “New Day Tour” that began in April.

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About Coby James:

Writing, producing and performing all of his own music, James assembles relatable moments, packaged in vibrant sonics, carefully curated from a wide range of artistic influences. As an artist, he is drawn to unorthodox modern pop beats. As a believer, he’s led by his Christian values. As a guitarist, he’s driven by a singular instrument, intent on honing his craft until he’s every bit the expert. As a 19-year-old on the cusp of full-fledged adulthood, he’s a thoughtful extrovert, who admittedly eats, sleeps and breathes music. He occasionally surfs, too, but even on days when he’s lucky enough to catch a wave, he’s writing. And his music is proof that his work ethic is unmatched. He writes every single day—that’s what makes him happy. It’s a habit he’s been cultivating since songwriting lit a fire under him at 15.