about Neon Feather

Greensboro, NC

What did you study in college? Where?
I studied abroad. Or two. Or three. Jk I went to UNCG. But I may have dropped out.

Size of your family (siblings, spouse/kids)?
Forever too small for “family size” products.

Dogs or Cats?
What’s a cat?

What are your 3 favorite things to watch on Netflix (be specific)?
Arrested Development, The Office, also have you heard of Arrested Development?

What was the last movie that moved you/made you laugh out loud/inspired you?
Blade Runner 2049

Top 3 favorite albums of all time?
Jónsi – Go
Tycho – Awake
Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

Guilty Pleasure music?
Not sure if it counts as guilty but I am fascinated with XXXtentacion and his social media brand.

What do you listen to in the car?
My car is a sacred place for listening to music. Depends on the time and weather and destination of course, but one record that almost always hits the right notes for me is The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding.

What are your favorite podcasts?
Not a huge podcaster but I’ve enjoyed The Moth and S-Town

What was your first concert?
Pretty sure it was a Christmas tour with Stephen Curtis Chapman

Who is your favorite artist/ band and how many times have you seen them in concert?
I think my all-around favorite artist is the vocalist for Sigur Rós, Jónsi. He’s just the purest creative soul I’ve ever encountered. I saw his solo tour and two Sigur Rós shows.

Which character from The Office or Parks & Recreation do you most identify with? 
Dangit, I’m Ben Wyatt aren’t I?

Favorite sitcom?  
I had to google it, but yes, Arrested Development qualifies as a sitcom. Whew.

Last book you read OR your current favorite book?
Reading and I have a long distance relationship. That is to say I like the idea of it but I don’t visit often.

What are your favorite books?
In high school I fell head over heels for Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra by C.S. Lewis. So imaginative and compelling.

Favorite Sports Team?
I root for the most exciting game possible. I always just want a huge comeback or a crazy close game. I just ride the hype wave baby.

Favorite place to have a meeting in Nashville (or surrounding areas ie. Franklin)?
This award is still up for grabs. Currently accepting submissions if anyone wants to take me out.

Introvert or Extrovert?
Still trying to figure this one out. Personality-wise I always figure I lean introvert, but there is nothing like some good social interaction to pull me out of a funk and boost my mood.

Favorite place in the entire world?
MUH BED. Nah but on a map I’d say Tokyo.

How Many States have you been to?
19, not counting the numerous mental and emotional states I’ve been in.

Which countries have you traveled to?
Only Japan and Norway. Many more I plan to get to.

Favorite road trip you’ve taken?
When I drove down to South Carolina to get in the middle of totality for the 2017 eclipse. Words don’t do justice. But it was a beautiful experience all around.

What is on your road trip playlist?
The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
~*~EtErNaL LiFe~*~
Also a shower loofah that attaches to a battery-powered handheld massager.

Morning person or night owl?
Recently been a night owl but I can’t sleep in to save my life so I pay the price. I’m my happiest when I wake up at 7:30am and hop right out of bed feeling energized.

Person you got nervous meeting and why?
Honestly the first time I talked to Leeland Mooring on the phone was the most I’ve ever freaked out. Something about the time in my life when I started following his career really nestled him in a special place in my heart. Luckily he did like 90% of the talking. I’m better now lol.

Chocolate or vanilla?
Vanilla. Unless it’s chocolate chips… in mint.

Coffee or Tea?
I adore the smell of coffee but only get around to drinking it once every couple months.

What’s on the top of your bucket list?
Visit Iceland with my wife.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I honestly wanted to make music for Christian radio and play at WinterJam. Also wanted to be an astronaut.

Two fun facts about you:
I have never worn cologne.

I love playing disc golf. That’s not really a fun fact but there weren’t any questions about hobbies and it just felt weird to not mention it.