about Caitie Hurst

Hendersonville, TN

What did you study in college? Where?
(What didn’t I study in college should be the question… ha!)

I changed majors about five times – starting in Music Business at Belmont University,

And then I actually ended up dropping out of college after my junior year- ending at Liberty university, studying Biblical & theological studies.

Size of your family?
I have two parents, and a brother who’s a year younger than I am! They’re pretty great.

Dogs or Cats?
I hate cats. I’m a dog person for sure!

What are your 3 favorite things to watch on Netflix?
Stranger Things season 1, conspiracy theory documentaries, and… Stranger Things season 2.


What was the last movie that moved you/made you laugh out loud/inspired you?

Top 3 favorite albums of all time?
Paramore – Riot

Journey – Raised On Radio

Carpenters – Christmas Portrait

What do you listen to in the car?
I have a Journey cassette tape in my car, and that’s pretty much all I listen to.

If i get tired of that, I’ll switch it out for my Stranger Things Soundtrack cassette, or my Amy Grant A Christmas Album cassette.

What was your first concert?
Very proud to say…. The Jonas Brothers!

Who is your favorite artist/ band and how many times have you seen them in concert?
Paramore for sure!!!

I’ve seen them three times!

Last book you read OR your current favorite book?
Current favorite book… Holy Roar, by Darren Whitehead & Chris Tomlin

What are your favorite books?
Forgotten God- Francis Chan

My Utmost For His highest – Oswald Chambers

The Chronicles of Narnia – C.S. Lewis

Favorite place to have a meeting in Nashville?

Introvert or Extrovert?

Favorite place in the entire world?
Jalama Beach, outside of Santa Barbara, CA.

Which countries have you traveled to?
Europe, Haiti, & Thailand!

Favorite road trip you’ve taken?
A road trip with my family up the Pacific Coast Highway – from LA to Yosemite!

What is on your road trip playlist?
A mix of old Jonas Brothers & Hannah Montana music, old punk bands from the early 2000’s, Lany, lots of Justin Bieber, and all the Switchfoot & Jon Foreman albums.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
My parents bought me my first longboard for my 21st birthday!

Funny story actually…I tore my ACL two days before I received it in the mail… So I couldn’t ride it for a good 5 months after I got it. It was my favorite board I’ve ever ridden… and a few months after I could start long boarding again, somebody stole it.. so that was a bummer. Still my favorite gift I’ve ever received!

Morning person or night owl?

Person you got nervous meeting and why?
Taylor Swift… met her outside of a Wal Mart when I was in eighth grade, with four of my other best friends, and we fangirled so hard. She talked to us for probably about ten minutes, and she was so sweet to a few crazy fan girls who just made fools out of ourselves because we were so excited to meet her!

Chocolate or vanilla?
Not a chocolate person at all! Vanilla all the way!

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee 100%

What’s on the top of your bucket list?
I have lots of top contenders for my bucket list…

Either to go longboard in Iceland on Þjóðvegur 93 (National Road 93) just like the scene in “Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

or to somehow become good at surfing, and go surfing in Hawaii.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Either an artist, or a professional skater, or surfer. The last two for sure didn’t work out.

Two fun facts about you:
I’ve torn my ACL twice. Once rock climbing, and the second time, leading worship. (yes, you read that right… leading worship.)

& I love riding horses!